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Chateau Laballe Resistance Bas Armagnac 100% Baco

Chateau Laballe

Chateau Laballe Resistance Bas Armagnac 100% Baco

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Chateau Laballe Resistance Bas Armagnac 100% Baco

Until the late 1970s, Baco remained the prime ingredient in Armagnac and while Ugni Blanc holds that position today, this variety—now exclusive to Armagnac country—has played an important role in the region’s identity; a role that Cyril Laudet wanted to commemorate with Resistance. He also wants to demonstrate to people why this variety is important, by showcasing it on its own. So, made from 100% Baco grapes, in consultation with the trade, this unique bottling took three years to get just right and consists of a blend of three Armagnacs distilled in 2009, 2010 and 2012. 

PS: A little explanation on the name and label. A French-American hybrid, Baco was developed at the turn of the twentieth century to produce some of the same flavours as Folle Blanche but without its susceptibility to phylloxera. So, the etching adorning the label illustrates this formidable parasite that devastated French vineyards around this time.

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